Michael Shuler is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, and music producer living in the Seattle area. He has released his second album, Edge Of The World, on his own Bravefeet label. The album is a collection of tracks that range over the American musical landscape, full of the taut story-telling that marked his solo debut, Montgomery Road. It has the feel and sound of listening to records on a phonograph--records that came out on labels with names like Reprise, Elektra and Vanguard. Accordions, mandolins, distorted guitars, harmonies, well up from the speakers...

This time around Michael has gotten a lot of his friends and fellow Northwest musicians to help him out. Some of the contributors are Scott McCaughey (The Minus Five, REM, the Young Fresh Fellows), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Los Super Seven, the Blasters), Tucker Martine (Mount Analog, Laura Viers), John Ramberg (the Tripwires, The Minus Five, the Model Rockets, Stumpy Joe), Guy Davis (Sage, Guardian Alien, Banjovi), Christy McWilson (Hightone solo artist, the Picketts, the Dinette Set), Bruce Wirth (Mount Analog, the Jon Hyde Band, the Walkabouts), Jon Hyde (the Jon Hyde Band, Mount Analog, the 1-Uppers), Terri Moeller (Transmissionary Six, the Walkabouts), Terry Lee Hale, Gary Heffern, Larry Barrett, Carolyn Wennblom, and more.

Prior to moving to Seattle, Michael was the lead guitarist, and singer and songwriter for the LA bands Radio Bandits and Lt. Elmo.

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